Robust Reporting Tools

Robust Reporting helps you make your campaigns more impactful

Extensive reporting and analytics enables you to gauge your customer response and how well your campaigns are performing. You can then use this information to continually improve your campaigns.

Link Tracking

See which subscribers clicked on which link, the date and time they clicked, and the number of time they clicked.


View all off your subscribers for whom emails bounced. You can see why these bounces occurred and potentially take corrective action

Read/Open Tracking

Find out how impactful your email campaigns are by seeing how many and which subscribers have viewed your campaigns. You can even see the date and time a subscriber opened the email and the number of times they opened it.

Unsubscribe Tracking

Find out if anyone unsubscribed from your campaigns. If they provided one you can also see the reason they unsubscribed.

Email Client Summary

Find out the email clients with which your subscribers viewed your email for each of your campaigns. You can use this information when emails to ensure they are design optimized.

Trend/Time Reporting

Track what days and parts of each day get the most opens. You can then use the information to send campaigns out at the best day of the week and time that yield the best response rates.

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