Social Media

Use Social Media seamlessly in your email marketing

Using social media and email marketing separately will not allow you to reap their optimal benefits. it is when they are used together in an integrated fashion that more advanced insights can be attained that you can apply to future marketing campaigns.

Facebook Like button & subscription forms

Add a Facebook Like button to your emails. You will be able to see these Likes tracked in your reports. Furthermore, you can segment your lists using Likes or trigger automated actions to occur based on them. You can even generate a subscription form to be used in your Facebook page.

Social media auto post

When you send out your campaign you can have your campaign automatically posted to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can share your products in over 20 different social media sites! This enables you to take advantage of the very effective viral marketing phenomenon.

Segment with social media

Once you start using social media, you will have access to a wealth of data points about your subscribers. These include data such as whether someone shared on Twitter or Liked on Facebook. You can then choose to send campaigns only to those subscribers based on these data points.

Automated social reactions

When a subscribers performs a specific social media action such as posting on Twitter you can then have Honest Mail perform an action such as sending out a new campaign.

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